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    China Suspends Natural Sand Exports to Taiwan

    According to the relevant laws and regulations, the Ministry of Commerce decided to suspend the export of natural sand to Taiwan. Experts have stated that the suspension of natural sand exports to Taiwan will have an impact on their sandstone and construction industries. The export of natural gas export from China has been a crucial part of concrete production in construction work in Taiwan.



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    What Is The Most Celebratory Gift For Chinese Valentine’s Day?

    This year’s Qixi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, falls on August 4th. Celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunisolar month of the Lunar calendar, this Festival is observed across other Eastern Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. In China, couples like to choose gifts for each other that can best express their love. As a response to this, the majority of the big Chinese brands have launched Qixi Festival-themed campaigns that can inspire Chinese consumers to find their dream gifts.




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    New Digital Career Opportunities for Young Workers with Social Anxiety

    Do you have social anxiety? Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced 18 new occupation opening types available to the public. Among the new occupation openings, most are in the digital economy sector. One of the occupations, “database operation administrator”, seems quite popular with online users, since it involves mainly dealing with machines, not people. Can the new digital jobs save the new generation of young workers suffering from social anxiety?


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    Mango TV Subscription Price Increase

    On July 27th, Mango TV issued a notice that their subscription price will be subject to change at midnight on August 9th. After the price increase, Mango TV members’ consecutive monthly package will be rising by 3 RMB to a total of 22 RMB per month, the monthly membership card – by 5 RMB, making it 30 RMB per month, while Mango TV full screen members’ monthly subscription will be costing 35 RMB per month. This is the second price increase for Mango TV members since December of last year.


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    13th Golden Broom Awards Winners Announced

    The 13th edition of the Golden Broom Awards created by Youth Film Handbook announced this year’s winners. Among the winners of Most Disappointing Film were “Overall Planning”, “The Curse of Turandot”, and “Another Me”. Meanwhile Most Disappointing Screenwriter was given to Gao Ke and Yang Xiaoming for “Another Me”, Most Disappointing Director went to Bauer for “Sunny Sisters” and Zheng Xiaolong for “The Curse of Turandot”, Most Disappointing Actress to Ma Li for “Another Me” and “Lie Detector”, and Most Disappointing Actor to Chang Yuan for “Another Me”.


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    China Launches Solid Carrier Rocket “Lijian-1”

    Today, July 27th at 12:12AM local time, carrier rocket “Lijian-1” successfully launched at China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The rocket is carrying six scientific experiment satellites: a new space technology test satellite, an orbital atmospheric density detection test satellite, a low orbit quantum key distribution test satellite, an electromagnetic assembly test double satellite, and the South Guangdong Science star. The satellites were put into predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. “Lijian-1” is a solid carrier rocket independently developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, while the six satellites are used for space exploration, atmospheric density detection, technical verification and other similar experimental uses.

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    Wechat Installation Package Has Grown 575 Times Its Original Size In 11 Years

    In the initial 1.0 version of Wechat released in January 2011, the volume of the Android APK installation package was only 457KB, no bigger than a photo file. The initial version after decompression only had 199 files, and had the core function of messaging. In the 8.0.24 version released in June 2022, the volume of the Android APK installation package expanded to 257MB, containing 12,639 files after decompression. The current installation package is bigger than many PC programs, growing 575 times its original size.

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    “How My Uncle Cured My Mental Struggles after I Went Back to My Village for Three Days”

    In an 11 minute video that took Bilibili and Weibo by storm, vlogger Yige Caixiang told the story of his uncle’s life. Once a gifted teenager, his uncle ended up disabled as a result of a failed treatment by a rural doctor. He taught himself carpentry to make a living, remained unmarried all his life, and ended up adopting a daughter. We see him in the current day taking care of his mother, while the whole village considers him the go-to person for fixing anything other than phones, computers or cars (because he never owned any). Netizens felt inspired by his “great stamina”, his tenacity and kindness in the face of struggles and difficulties, which reminded them of this most honorable national quality. The main takeaways from the video come in quotes, the first one said by Mao Zedong: “Be determined, don’t fear sacrifice, overcome all difficulties and strive for victory”, which the author of the video found scribbled in his uncle’s notebook. The other quote comes from his uncle and reads, “Who has no regrets? Only when they are dying, people realize that their biggest regret in life is the time spent regretting the past.”




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    Alibaba Seeks Dual Primary Listing in Hong Kong and New York

    On July 26th, Alibaba Group announced that their board of directors had authorized management to submit an application to the Hong Kong stock exchange, making Hong Kong their second primary listing. Once the audit procedures for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are completed by the end of this year, Alibaba Group will also be listed on the primary board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This means that Alibaba’s  listing in the form of American Depositary Shares will become interchangeable with the shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Investors will essentially be able to choose to hold Alibaba shares in one of these two forms on either Stock Exchange. The chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group Daniel Zhang expressed the company feels fully confident in China’s economy and future, hoping that more diverse investors will be taking part in Alibaba’s growth and development.


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    Weibo Accounts Now Display Which MCN They Belong To

    Yesterday on July 25th, many online users discovered that the personal homepages of some Weibo verified accounts had begun to display the names of their correspondent MCN organizations. Weibo has become the second platform to launch this new function after Tiktok.